With a vision of the future of mobile app technology, Cloud Downunder is becoming the industry’s leading pioneer of development. Cutting edge design and innovation is pushed above and beyond to deliver the most engaging user interface and experience.


We work with individuals, businesses, companies and entrepreneurs to execute ideas into successful concepts. Our team is leading across a wide spectrum of design, technical analyst, programming and marketing experts, tailoring individual app requirements to a workable solution. The mobile app development industry is evolving rapidly, and our core focus is on helping clients boost their business and interactivity in sync with tomorrow’s most engaging processes.

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From design to execution, we engage with our clients to understand their needs and behaviours of their target audience to deliver a world class UI user interface and UX user experience. Every app has a unique identity and purpose. therefore is customised to align seamlessly with the user.

We go through a validation process and focus on the core in order to provide the users exactly what they need and want. We evaluate what is required now vs. the ideal above and beyond platform your app will become in the near future.

Cutting edge app design & development for individuals, businesses, companies and entrepreneurs.

Don’t let your app ideas remain ideas! What if that idea can actually be the next Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, or Instagram but you aren’t quite sure how to go about developing it. The app gurus at Cloud Downunder will show you the steps to build a successful app.

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E-commerce Solutions

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Ben Bradshaw
CEO & Co-Founder

Ben Bradshaw is one of Australia’s most established, renowned & respected internet pioneers. As testament to his enormous success, Ben is now a self-made millionaire, an author, and winner of Smart Company’s Hot 30 Australian entrepreneurs under 30, among many other prestigious buisness awards. Ben’s entrepreneurial approach and knowledge on Internet marketing resulted in his first major internet marketing business SponsoredLinX, doubling its revenue year on year since its inception, and earning its place as one of the country’s most highly regarded and fastest growing Search Marketing companies.

Just after its inception, SponsoredLinX quickly made significant waves in the industry and was approached to become one of only a very select few authorised Google resellers resulting it in now being a Premier Google Partner – one of a small prestigious group of companies handpicked by Google. Ben’s hunger for achievement didn’t only become apparent as he entered adulthood. He in fact started his first business at age 14 – corporate magic – and quickly became one of Australia’s most popular magicians, with his career highlight being the Guinness World Record for the fastest escape from a straight jacket! An expert columnist on multiple international and US Internet marketing specialist print and online publications, Ben is also regularly quoted on Internet marketing topics locally on Sky Business, in business publications like Smart Company and BRW, and in major metropolitan newspapers. Ben is one of Australia’s most sought-after and respected speakers and trainers on marketing and internet entrepreneurship.

Mathew Carter

Technical Manager & Co-Founder

Mathew Carter met our CEO when he was working in a Brisbane web firm when Ben was just starting out in the online marketing industry. He originally consulted with Ben on a number of projects and this was when Ben first recognised Mathew’s talent. A time later, while Mathew was still in university, he was approached by Ben to consult and work on the initial set up for SponsoredLinX, which is now Australia’s largest Australian owned search engine marketing company.

Mathew has been the backbone of the systems implementation at SponsoredLinX for over 7 years and has maintained systems such as, client invoice & billing, Client Panel,and much more in the online cloud space.

Through this role Mathew has learned a great deal about how to practically implement his vast knowledge of programming and systems management. Being a key contributor in a highly accredited and successfully company, Mathew has learnt what helps businesses to succeed in the online and tech space and now the rapidly growing mobile device explosion.


We use a development life-cycle composed of a number of clearly defined work phases to analyse, design, develop, test and deliver your project.

Our adoption of the latest trends is paramount in delivering high performance solutions to our clients.


Getting the visual architecture right is a critical step in delivering a great UX user experience. We initiate this phase by mapping out the navigational structure and screen layout, generally known as the wire-frame. Wire-frames validate the usability of an application by allowing the user the visualise and navigate through all the sections. During this process we prepare strategic arrangement of elements throughout the entire application. Based on the wire-frame we initiate on high-fidelity design to deliver what will be the visual masterpiece of the application every user will see when they use the application.


Design slicing an integration into the user interface is the first step of the development stage. Engaging in extensive hours of programming our developers strategically formulate the functional parameters of the application. During development, your dedicated project manager will consistently update you on the status of the project.


Your project is tested internally at progressive intervals. We do in-depth assessment on the usability, functionality, performance, security and device compatibility to ensure you receive a bug-free application ready to rock the marketplace. You will also receive a BETA version to test on your device(s) before the launch.

Don’t Worry! We guide you with the entire process of what is required to have the application published in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store globally.